UK internet/tv provider recommendation?

We’re moving back into our house after being away and need to get a new internet/TV package set up. Any tips or recommendations please on good deals, who to go for or who to avoid? Thanks!

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I’d deffo talk to your neighbors and see who they use and what speeds they get.
You could download the Ookla/Speedtest App and ask to log onto their wifi to test it.
Or they might just think your a mad hacker/nutter and tell you to do one, proceed with caution!

My experience is they are all much of a muchness until they go wrong, that’s when you find out who’s dreadful.


There was a similar thread here with some good info

But for sure the first thing you need to do is check what speeds you can get at the property; dont just accept that a provider can give you Ultra Fast Broadband just because they say they can. Check here for speed estimations

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Thanks for the link to the old thread, sorry had missed that. Will check the local speed :+1: