Turntable maths check

hello, I thought it would be nice to double check this one as so many of us are into switching speeds on tracks ect. but i just had to do some calculations to figure out how to transfer that onto CDJs

45 down to 33.3 is a 26% drop that’s quite simple (right?)

and 33.3 +8% = 35.964

so to get that 33+8 feeling you actually need to use 20% on a CDJ

as 45 to 35.964 =20% drop

have i got that right?

Sorry maths not my strongest suit.

I generally just move the control until it sounds how I want it to.


You got a turntable? Play a track at plus 8

Beat match a digital copy of the same track on the CDJ to the vinyl

That should give you a relative reference position

(I think)

yeah, probably the easiest way to double check.

I tried doing the maths, got a bit confused and then asked ChatGPT - you were spot on:

The percentage difference between 45 RPM and 33 1/3 RPM is approximately 25.93%.
The percentage difference between 45 RPM and 33 1/3 RPM + 8% (36 RPM) is 20%.


Is this a cosmic DJ conundrum in a digital era scenario?

This sort of stuff should be on the national curriculum.
I probably would have done a lot better in my maths ‘O’ Level if a teacher had brought a pair of Technics into the classroom (imagine a whole lesson spent calculating BPM’s as well).


That plus converting ounces to grams….


Then throw in trying to mix two tunes in key… :exploding_head:

red seal taught me everything i know about converting fractions to decimals - FACT