Tshirts (garage/loft)

I was wondering if there was an official Paradise Garage and Loft short seller? Seems like there’s a lot on Etsy and the like but is there one that are officially endorsed?

Soul Tees might not an ‘official’ Garage shirt retailer, if anyone cares about such things. Mel Cheren bequeathed the Garage logo to an organization here in NY called Gay Men’s Health Crisis, and they license it out to a select few retailers to raise funds. I would suspect if Soul Tees was a licensee, it would say so somewhere, perhaps.


I had no idea about it.

Honestly, GMHC is so stingy with their licensing I wouldn’t feel bad about buying an unlicensed PG t-shirt.


hmmmm. They recently messaged saying avoid PG hats that were being sold. If thats what Mel wanted then…
Don’t think DM would have ever supported a loft T

There definitely were legitimate Loft t-shirts. Not sure about nowadays

Could buy them at the parties in the late 90’s/early 00’s.