Travel to islands ,beaches ,music?

The Beach is a 2000 adventure drama film directed by Danny Boyle and based on the novel by John Hodge

Hi I’m Thai and living in Bangkok so i guess i should share a few tips then!


Oh snap, do you know Izzy, Marteen and those Sabai Sabai Radio peoples?

Amsterdam bar in kohpanghan looks nice, with a beautiful sunset

Not sure about the music though

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Ban Krut beach all to yourself in the week

I was on ko phangan with my dad when i was 11 or 12 (that’s like, very early 90’s). From what i’ve heard it’s a very different olace now.


Here is an amazing project in koh samui

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Zudrangma Records is really good for local stuff but it’s maybe the most over expensive record shop I’ve ever been in

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It seems odd to ask a question like this when no-one can travel! Anyway, I live in Bangkok and used to live on Samui. The islands have changed a lot over the past 9 months or so due to covid. What would be the busiest tourist spots are pretty much ghost towns now. There are local Thai tourists and some expats, mostly keeping the more upmarket places just ticking over and there are some incredible deals on villas etc atm. It’s given nature time to recover however, which obviously is good and was well needed. Now would be a great time to visit as it’s so quiet but Thailand remains closed to tourists for the foreseeable future. As far as decent music, well, Thailand’s never been on the map so to speak, but there are loads of good bars and venues in Bangkok with decent DJs and live music. As far as the islands go, there are hippie elements remaining on Phangan but very hidden away. Jon Sa Trinxa has a weekend residency at Chi on Samui which is always a lovely afternoon. I don’t generally buy records in Bangkok as the choice is limited to say the least and they’re mostly overpriced (I’m not into the Thai molam/folk thing anyway). I still get my vinyl from Ed in the UK.


Thank you , your answer is really helpfull.
Some other bars , beach parties on samui?

Not that I know of @chibu_tbilisi no beach parties or the like on Samui, as I remarked previously, nearly everything is closed except the higher end places which attract wealthy Thai weekend tourists and to a lesser extent the expats.

@fred_dibnah your answers are definitely all on point. And as a Thai music fan, the music shopping is limited and could be overpriced (molam / thai-funk thing).