Track ID - The Plumber

Im really sure its called the Plumber
The ‘Where you going’ sample that Phlash (RIP) used in PB Massive

Weird pre house NY dance track

Vivid memory of Rampling playing whole accapella over (2Cs) Throw on his R1 show

Google or no help but I think its at least infamous

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That Project X label was a sample goldmine. I used to play the accapella of Mr. Policeman over Orbital’s Belfast back in the day, all the timings collide beautifully and they both climax at the time.

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Rampling used to play this on his show too. Same ‘Plumber’ sample.

I also remember it being dropped over Paperclip’s ‘Throw’. Worked really well.

Edit: Ah @grantham_disco, I see you’ve mentioned this already. Had no idea it was Phil Asher (RIP).


Great username! :joy: