TP Mix 510 – Phil Mison Sunset Mix

Hell yeah… Here’s a new one from Phil Mison aka Senormisono aka Cantoma aka the don. Not sure anyone does this better than Phil.


Saving this up for the weekend, gonna be too good for a wet Wednesday morning!

Same, I’m thinking Friday evening. Not while getting constantly interrupted by work stuff. I do sometimes put music on while working but the interruptions really spoil it for me so I usually work in silence. I’m not a huge fan of background music - prefer to listen. I’d be fine with background music while sitting on a beach though.

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Currently sat here catching a rare holiday breather while wife and toddler are napping. Thought I’d have a quick look on TP for something to soundtrack it. Most Balearic situation I’ve had in years


Cool. I’m probably being a bit thick but is there a way to download for offline listening ?

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See bottom black bar, there is a DL link bottom left…


Oh yeah thanks. I’ve got to rotate my phone horizontal before you can see the download button. Cheers

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Thanks @Gavin - I always think no one knows all those mixes are there : )

You can always click on these headers and they take you to pages of just that stuff…

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This is revelation!!!

Wait does it not work on iPhone :grimacing::dizzy_face:‍:dizzy:

Just had a look on mine (ancient iPhone 7) and you can play but no DL link :man_shrugging:

Can you download onto an iphone directly? Not sure the ios lets you do that with anything does it? Download may well be desktop / laptop only.

No you can’t do it on IOS.

You can on Android, downloaded a few over the years on various Samsungs

Sounding ace, even here in dark/dreary Scotland.

That first track :heart:


Listening to it now whilst watching the CL with the sound down, my team is giving me kittens by defending like a pub team so it’s helping keep me calm :grimacing:
Good stuff.

Just to note that WeTransfer files can be downloaded directly to an iPhone (they end up in iCloud Drive > Downloads for me, at least), but never seen anything else that can manage it.

one of the best in the business. put me on to more music than you can imagine. not many really get ‘balearic’ where I live and I would love to be able to hear music as broad as Gilberto Gil, LUPO, Sammy Barbot and Terrence Parker in the same dj set again


that Suzanne Kraft album is excellent and hearing the single (“single”) in this was a nice surprise, lovely stuff all round

Thanks so much for this. Have missed downloading the mixes for ages and it’s been there all the time, just needed to turn my phone around!


It only got added a while back but people like to keep things so we added it on there.

You can also scroll through the mix to the right of their name when in the player in the footer by clicking around. It’s deceptively clever.