Too much music, not enough time

Does anyone else ever feel overwhelmed by music at times? Like there’s so much good new music coming out every single day and I sometimes find it very hard to keep up with. I want to listen to and enjoy it all but at times there’s so many options. Anyone got any tips to be more selective and appreciate/enjoy certain stuff more? I’m thinking maybe unfollow a lot of who I follow on Bandcamp/Soundcloud etc and just keep a smaller circle.


Maybe a bit silly to some but I’ve always been of the mind that the music will find me, the media will find me. Whatever I’m meant to consume from a media standpoint, I’ll find or it will find its way to me, one way or the other.

That’s perhaps no help at all to you. I guess it’s really to say, maybe don’t concern yourself so much with finding it/keeping up with it, and let it find you instead?

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All the time :weary:

Yeah, you have to restrict yrself to a few trusted sources/labels/shows

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In music as in life in general I try to cultivate more jomo, less fomo.


I’m continuously overwhelmed by how much great ‘old’ music there is out there still in addition to all the new stuff coming out.

Identifying trusted sources is the way to go for sure.


“You can’t have everything. Where would you put it?” Steven Wright


this was me a few years ago. It was a problem that eventually solved itself as I mainly listen to hip hop and it gradually began to excite me less and less (majority of it is frighteningly forgettable these days imo) so now I just listen to old stuff - a mix of tried and tested favourites and things I’ve forgotten about over the years, and also discovering old music I didnt hear first time around., mainly through old mixtapes and radio shows
I do miss the buzz of loving brand new music but there’s not really anything doing it for me and I dont want to be one of those people that just indulges for the sake of it or cant admit they dont like it.

I’ve gone through this before and it usually comes in waves. It helps if you listen to a wide variety of music. At least for me, I will go through phases where I am listening to one specific type of music and will eventually get mini burned out and move on to another genre. Right now, I’m hooked on early 90s twee pop and harsh noise. This too will pass and I will be back to house, techno, ambient, experimental, jungle, etc.

Not a bad problem to have but eventually you will slow down. It helps too if you buy records since there is only so many releases coming out on vinyl. Plus you got to allocate money towards it

overwhelmed but in a good way. i know i can’t hear it all (or buy it all, or play it all) but that doesn’t stop me from trying. it gives me something to look forward to. i love my family and friends, but if i didn’t have this (gestures about) i don’t know what i’d do. i look forward to somewhat obsessively chasing down all that new and new-to-me stuff for the rest of my natural life.


Beautifully put!

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That in itself is an ongoing task, because what impetus is there for, let’s say, a website to keep doing all the legwork involved in sifting through the average music to find the gems if they have no way of monetising that element of the site?

I did some music programming for a venue, where i would look for new music for their spotify and jeezo, it was time consuming going through all the new music all the time. You’d find a cool site that helped speed up the process, but it would be gone after 6 months, or they would just stop posting about new releases.

Also, the amount of new tracks you would find, but they would have no listens anywhere after you know they must have really poured their heart into it was a bit disheartening. That’s the game though i guess.

We definitely have more access to music that ever before, but some curation would be nice. Dare i say it, but some small amount of gatekeeping was maybe a good thing in this context…

It’s all about the right filters - let others do the hard work. I find Soundcloud tiring - flipping through all the mixes and radio shows I’m not interested in, just to find new releases so I’ve largely abandoned that, but Bandcamp (away from the now nightmarish Bandcamp Fridays), Spotify’s Release Radar, as well as a few choice blogs are indespensible for me.

If you find it all too much and life gets in the way, then just choose a couple of radio shows, blogs and maybe sign up to your favourite record shops newsletter as well and don’t sweat it!! Listen to fewer releases for more time, there’s a good argument for that being a rewarding way to go.