Tonearm bypass

A few years back you could buy a gadget that attached between a cart and a tonearm and completely bypassed the turntable in case it was faulty and plugged direct into the mixer… Anyone know what it’s called and where i may be able to buy one sharpish? Can’t trust places to have two fully working decks…

This sounds fascinating. I can’t even begin to picture how this works.
Any more details?

It was a headshell with a small jack input that was connected to a phono cable on the other end i think. So you could bypass the internal cabling if it was damaged. It looked a bit handmade, but it would definitely help you out in a pinch.

Not seen it in many years, never saw one in the wild.


That’s the one… I never saw one at the time either… did anybody?

Still available it seems

Tonearm Bypass’ is going into my band name spreadsheet for sure :+1: