The Traitors UK - SPOILERS

Didn’t want to put this in the tv thread but fuck that final was so good. Jaz was so good… I wonder if Harry and Molly had a thing…


I only watched the last episode. Classic example of letting your heart rule your head! Hope Harry bungs her a few quid!


Great telly- Harry played it so well and deserved to win it. Maybe if Molly was abit older and wiser she would have worked it out/not “100%” trusted Harry!


Harry’s GF is a CBBC presenter allegedly?

I smell a conspiracy!


Did make me wonder how ‘ordinary’ ordinary contestants and participants are these days in such shows, and the selection process etc., what with Diane’s other son being in Game of Thrones, and all that…


I bet he doesn’t :rofl:

He played a blinder. Good luck to him.


The mental thing is that by voting to keep the game going Jaz was showing he 100 per cent was not a traitor and all she had to do was vote Harry to get a 100 per cent guaranteed 50/50 split of the winnings. But she was obviously just not capable of putting winning above disappointing Harry.


That’s exactly what we were shouting at the TV! It was blindingly obvious yet she just couldn’t break out of her thought process.

He essentially groomed her!


Ok, i’m intrigued. I’m going in.

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Looks like he’s giving her a nice holiday according to Molly.


some of you guys already spoiled the ending for me over in the other thread, so thanks!

Bad guys! We live and learn. Let’s do SPOILERS threads ongoing for the traitors. Sorry dude!


Harry’s GF’s brother is Connor Maynard who’s name I know but not sure what songs he’s actually sung as all
I can see is a cover of Lewis Capaldi :joy:

It was a great series indeed. As much as I’d like to believe the finale wasn’t a set up/scripted, how did Molly not see the fear, anxiety, rapid blinking and mouth twitching Harry was displaying during that last banishment round? He was about to lay a brick! Jaz was super composed despite seeing the trainwreck unfolding before him when she was changing her answer.

Also, Claudia W - why so orange? When you have raven black hair and heavy kohl eyeliner etc, excessive orange tan makes you look like a Halloween pumpkin! If that’s an accepted look in the UK, then maybe I’m just ignorant.

Also, was there a catch up/reunion show and where did it air? (couldn’t find it on BBC iPlayer)

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Just a thought, how come nobody questioned why Ross would have murdered his Mum Diane?

They could have backtracked from there and sussed what was going on surely?

Yes there was a catch up show with interviews. The Traitors - Uncloaked.

Weirdly only season 1 seems to be on the I and I player (am I alone in calling it that?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

yes, i could only find season 1

Aussie season 2 on iplayer now :slight_smile: :grinning:

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Loved the first Aussie series, lasted about ten minutes of series 2 as it’s full of terrible reality “stars”. Maybe why it got canned straight after in Oz.

Six episodes deep into S1, Alyssa has just gone. Not my usual thing but damn this is a rollercoaster.

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