The Test Pressing 2021 Round Up

Well it’s been a bit of a shit year but there’s been some fucking great music released. Here’s the 2021 Round Up. Next year I am going to have a think on how to include the forum in this as it’s been so good seeing all the music that people are into… Anyway, here’s 2021.

And there’s a also a mix with a track from each contribution up…



Already bagged that Cassandra Jenkins after reading this. Brilliant!


Loads of great new stuff here

The Willow on Workshop :+1:

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Btw I did a 3hr selection “inspired by the TP Forum” for Mark @ufstylus

Not sure when it’s going out. Tried to get something on it from everyone who had contributed ideas at the time.


Surprised that Om Units “Acid Dub Studies” didn’t get a mention at all.

Awesome list. Loads of fantastic stuff I have never heard of.

Going to run this on loop on Boxing Day and repeat it on New Year’s Eve!

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There’a panel that knows

Forgot NuGenea was this year! Sooo good

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My selection of tunes inspired by everyone’s suggestions on the “Best of 2021” thread on here is on loop on tomorrow.

Here’s the track list:

Inspired by the Test Pressing Forum “Best of 2021” thread.

Sean La’ Brooy - It Might Rain

Om Unit - The Struggle

Mario Rui Silva - Dongada

Tadahiko Yokogawa - Stop Me [from the Heisei No Oto comp]

Nala Sinephro - Space 4

Upsammy - Flutter

Si Brad feat Azeem - Falling Down (Psychemagik Remix)

HTRK - Siren Song

Maxine Funke - Moody Relish

John Carroll Kirby - P64 By My Side

John Carroll Kirby - Rainmaker

Gold Suite - Vanity

Golden Mammals - An Hour A Day With You (Eric’s Credit To The Profession Mix)

Poly-C - Soy Pijo (Boite Pijo Instrumental)-[from the Ritmo Fantasia comp]

Charlie Charlie - Save Us

Talking Drums - Under The Sky

Margee - Wrong Dream (Hardway Bros Cosmic Intervention)

Craig Bratley feat Amy Douglas - No In Between (Ashigaru Mix)

Alpha & Omega - Shuruaat Aur Ant

Galathea - Simeto

Fuga Ronto - Greatest Treasure

Weiner Planquadrat - Stillstand (Rising Seed Rework)

Reggae Disco Rockers - The Whistle Song (Silent Dream Version)

Residentes Balearicos- Cachonda

Alex Kassian - Leave Your Life (Lonely Hearts Mix)

Kurtiss - Club Odysseus

Young American Primitive - These Waves [from the Planet Love Vol 1 comp]

Paula Tape - Eclipse

Spaced Out Krew - Extasz

Miro SundayMusiq - Rising Sun (Non Pacifist Trance Version)

Quinn Lamont Luke & Alex From Tokyo - Not My Day (Tokyo Black Star Remix)

Ruf Dug X Lovescene - Make This Right (Dub Mix)

Joy Orbison w/Lea Sen - Better

Woolfy - Shooting Stars


Looks 🤌

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Nice mix, Tom! Craig Bratley in to Alpha And Omega was a particularly nice touch.

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