The most expensive records according to Discogs from my wantlist

Records I will never own.

(58) FLOWERS - FOR REAL (EXTENDED) (1976) - YouTube - $3k gets me this one (but there is a $10 reissue out there)

(58) Tony Fox Love Let Love And Be Loved - YouTube - $3k as well apparently.

(58) Rick Asikpo - Love love - YouTube - $600 for this.

(58) Anthony ‘Reebop’ Kwaku Bah − Funkum - YouTube - $750 for this.

After that it is actually quite manageable topping out at $100.


lol what a great idea. i don’t even know that these are anywhere near my most “wanted” records but boy howdy have they grown expensive in the last couple of years. some of these sellers are a bit out of their minds. only in USD because if i unfilter to all the japanese sellers go crazy with their mint condition unobtainium.

a sealed one? for a grand? SIGN ME UP!

i grew up hating the dead, and now i want this? what has happened to me? is it just the pure oregon connection?

everyone wants one of these weirdos, right?

seven hundred bucks, probably worth it.

makes sense, everyone wants mosaic box sets. should have bought them when they were new.

it’s not even really that interesting, it’s just ART with a capital A and some of the first arty art i thought i cared about. giorno was a patriot in all the right ways.

again, i should have bought this when it was brand new and i would have been cool paying like $100 for it but damn now it’s way more?

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I’ve also completely come around to the Dead, and staring down that Discog is an expensive proposition. Covid does strange things…

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A few beauties there I didn’t know… and will certainly never own🤷‍♂️

The seller has been 100% huffing on the crack pipe before pricing this one up.







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About $363/ £315


This, when it shows up…

It’s an all to common affliction.