The Great Test Pressing Online Flea

Guys. I’m trying to move to LA and thus selling loads of my collections of things. To that end if ok I’m starting a thread of stuff that is for sale - from rare books to records and clothes and more. Some will need to be buyer collects so London-based advised.

1st up this collection of Face magazines - which is some of my favourite writing on music and culture.

They primarily have articles and pieces that resonate so could be anything from Soul II Soul and club culture to hooliganism and style.

There’s 42 magazines. £140 for the lot. Would need to be collect only. SE6. :v:



Good luck with the move Paul. What’s taking you to LA?

Love : )

And honestly I feel ready for a new phase. LA, though heavily expensive, is a fun place.


No better reason!

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Best of luck with the move Paul!!


Thanks dude!!

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all best with that Paul. My missus has family just south of Long Beach so will give you a shout next time I’m over

*she’s had a few mares with immigration at LAX (detained - they were hostile!) but I think they thought she was abusing the tourist ESTA visa as a freelancer and visiting more than once a year (?)

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Proper jealous, expect to see you surfing the 'Bu with Harvey sometime soon!


It had to be Love :heart_eyes:got luck with the move asnd a great place in sure if you don’t read the news or watch TV… @Hierbas has some visits under his belt that would be to your liking I’m sure.

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I have a stack of Face mag and the last one sealed and unopened

Things you do for love :upside_down_face:


excited to have more of us on the west coast!

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Heh. It’s true that. Well so times things feel like the right thing to do and this is now. Live your life as they say.


Yeah all the best Paul. I’m out there next month, cant wait

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100% :raised_hands:t2:

Good on ya Paul, best wishes and hope it all goes smoothly.

Moved a couple of weeks ago ourselves, approx 1/4 mile, not quite your intercontinental adventure :grin: - but we’re finally off the rent treadmill after 15 years :champagne: