The Forum Reviews Music For TP

So here’s an idea. We get sent lots of music which is often pretty ace and I was thinking maybe we can ask the forum to review it.

The way it would work (if you lot are down) is that a new record comes in, I post it in this hear thread, the first four people to say ‘yes’ get sent the files and then they send a paragraph on the tracks (or more if they want) with a photo that represents them and their insta handle and we do something good by committee (rather than something crap which is what generally happens). Then we publish the four paragraphs on the site. You get upfront music and we do something interesting. Job done.

Note - you’d be entering into the TP circle of trust which means no sharing the files ever and we’d trust you on that. It’s just respect for the artist really.

Ok if anyone thinks this is a good idea say yes below and if so game on.

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Great idea

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yes! like what @howler said - Lovely idea.

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Sounds like a nice idea :slightly_smiling_face:

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Splendid idea

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Great idea. Yes.

I think this sounds like an interesting way to review music, count me in.

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What’s not to like?

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Yes :+1:

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Tech house and Storytelling :grimacing:


Fair points. Put it in the What Don’t You Get? Thread!

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Yes, sounds good

I see what you did there… :wink:
Sounds like a great idea.

Yes! Great idea

Brilliant - let’s do it :ok_hand:

I like this

Yes! Bonus points for using “warm pads”


would love to

love it. YES

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Ok. So remember that this is pure circle of trust business and files are to be respected and not shared. I’ll speak to each of you about this as its how these things work or the industry is just going to fold.

TP Reviews Club 001 – Jexopolis / Heels & Souls new one / Paramida

First four people that want to do it please say ‘yes’ and give me a review on each and a photo of you and insta handle by reply then keep track on the thread that if four have already said it then you know… You get how this works : ) This is fun already.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

First one sent out. Wicked. Let’s see if this works. P.