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Ice cold Heineken zero is a good summer one.

Rothaus is truly the, umm, champagne of no and low pilsners.


Currently into the the Brooklyn one (purple and yellow). Pretty good stuff.


Yeah, the Rothaus is a fave (also the Hefeweizen).

Try this too - by far the best 0.0 lager I’ve tried



Really good with Thai food that one!

In today’s Gruaniad

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Decided to quit this morning, last glass, good bye old friend… :cry:

I’m thinking trip to Lisbon gonna be tough!


Good luck mate!


Jever fun is the best alcohol-free pilsner I’ve ever taste. But it is not 0.0. I think 0.2 or something.

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Surely a hall pass is allowed for holidays.

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oops maybe not the best thanks all things considered.

Bloody hope so!

Did 4 months dry last year… would probably have carried on, but Xmas happened.

Have radically reduced my drinking though, and will continue moderation and temperance in varying degrees.

Peroni 0% is my tipple… no sign of that sweet / tinny taste that Heineken has.

Corona a close second but has to be very cold.

NA gins etc can all get to fuck.

As for NA wine I really would rather have grape juice.


I hear you on the spirits - although if you go to Club Soda, its quite disconcerting sitting there tasting all these spitits and you feel like you should be hammerered when you go to leave, but toure not. We did about 10 shots of various ‘tequilas’, ‘whiskies’ and ‘vodkas’.

There are a few semi-convincing wine options these days and they do seem to be improving year on year. A couple of reds and rosé’s in particular that are quite quaffable, but any more than a couple of glasses and the veneer begins to fade.

Not wine and toppy af but this is a nice alternative.

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Not tried the F&M own brand but we’re big fans of the Colenhagen Sparkling Tea they sell (probably made by the same lot, tbh :smile: )


Sparkling Tea :thinking:

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Nice to see this here - a wine friend who does dry January brought this back to the states - maybe one of the best NA substitutes we’ve tried. Good complexity and balance. An interesting drink. But quite a tariff…

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Quite bitter and astringent, if you like that kind of thing (45 IBU apparently)


IBUs can be a bit misleading in their own right.

On the one hand, you’ve got IBU ranges for different styles (this chart, based on BJCP guidelines, is pretty comprehensive)

But on the other, when it comes to developing balanced recipes, it’s all about the BU:GU ratio

This gets pretty technical and geeky very fast… but oversimplifying massively, it’s balancing bitterness against perceived sweetness.
Having said that, all of this kind of goes out of the window with low/no alcohol beers - and you can open up yet more pandoras boxes, depending on the method used (and how well) to lower final gravity, and then the other tricks that can be employed at multiple stages of the brewing process to compensate for mouthfeel/flavour profile losses that are inevitable, but can be mitigated. Big Drop were one of the first to go down several of these rabbit holes (disclosure: the main brewer used to work for a very good friend of mine) but I’m sure that many are doing similar in the UK.

Here in Canada, there just aren’t as many options (yet). I know Big Drop has at least two contract brewers on different sides of the country - pretty close to the UK ones, IME - and many breweries are scrambling to get a piece of the action of what’s a rapidly-increasing market here. I can’t wait to try some of the newer (to me) UK AF brews as it sounds like there’s even more fantastic options now.

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Quite a few are actually brewed in Belgium - Beavertown’s Lazer Crush and, I think, all of Bruhlo’s range? At least they were when they were called Coast.