The Diggers 10th Birthday (3rd Oct Behind This Wall & 23rd Oct The Farrier)

Next month I’ll be celebrating 10 years of The Diggers (11 technically but last year doesn’t count!), with a couple of get togethers at HiFi dens in London town:

Behind This Wall • Sunday 3rd October • 6pm-11pm

Behind This Wall is a cocktail bar on the Mare Street Narrow Way. Tannoy & JBL valve powered system, modern takes on classic cocktails, with friends and family on deck all night. If anyone fancies coming down and playing a few let me know.

I’ll also be launching my DJ Recovery Tools recipe zine. Recipes, tips, tricks, and breakfast booze that have kept me going over the last few years, the morning after a gig.

The Farrier • Saturday 23rd October • 2pm-12am

The Farrier is a new pub in the stables at Camden Market, with an Audio Gold sourced, properly installed and tuned Celestion rig. Real nice food and wine list.

I’ve got Lucid (Balamii), Mr Redley (Apron), Adrian Magrys (Lanquidity Records) joining myself and Hazmo on the E&S all day/night.

Again I’ll be launching something new to mark 10 years, this time a limited edition USB mixtape with special DIY packaging.


First party this Sunday at Behind This Wall. I’ll also be launching my recipe zine - free copy for anyone who can work out which London clubs flyers inspired the design for the zine.

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Do I get a prize for reading every post on the site and remembering you posted the answer before? :grin:


Actually feel free to raffle/donate if I’ve crossed the line… mind you I love a good recipe.

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Last birthday event on Saturday at The Farrier in Camden. Decent sound and great food if any forum dwellers are about and fancy a pint.

I’ll also be launching a special limited USB mix.

And we have a winner! I think that’s an acceptable way to win given the answers correct and I didn’t even consider the fact I was giving it away in the other post! DM me your address and I’ll get one in the post to you.

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My nerdy’ness has finally paid off, hurrah!