The Cure / Lullaby

Wonder if anyone can help me out here.

Is the original mix of Lullaby available on viny apart from its appeance on the Cure’s album Disintegration? Id love to own it on 7" or 12" but as far as I can tell only the Extended Remix got released in Single form, and I appeciate that the Extended Remix is the one DJ’s/Balearic types go for but I really like the original mix best!
Any Cure fans/completest out there that can help me out with this one?

Extended Mix

Original Mix


Sorry, can’t help you. Serendipitously I played the 12 in a couple of hours ago in a pub.

Discogs is here for that question (although plenty of minds on here can probably quote cat. number from memory) You can also marvel at the Discogs cost of ‘a forrest’ on 12.


I’ve looked and Discogs and there are some pressings on 7" that appear to be the original mix but I suspect they are the remixed version as they are exactly the same length as the ones labed as being the remixed versions. Need to find a Cure obsessive to help out with this one, or I just settle for the 12" version which is actully really nice.

I only have the remix 12” myself but these promos look to be worth investigating:

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Wow, thanks, they both look amazing as they have the og/album mix and they Extended mix on them, perfect!
Added to wantslist!


I have the og mix on 7”.

I’ve been digging a bit deeper into this.
The video you posted as “original mix” actually appears to be the 7" remix audio.

Here’s the album version. The most obvious difference is the drums which come in at about 20 seconds.

I have it on 7" dunno what mix is it. I’ll have to dig it out

Thanks for the info Chiz.
I will investigate further.

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Love this record but here is an interesting version I found

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wow, thats a nice find, I’ll add that to the wants list.

I found the 7" at a record fair last weekend and Chiz you are correct the 7" is the version I wanted all along!

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We have to give the big man some credit for this.

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