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So… over the last 12+ months, I figure, if like myself, many of us have been spending more time preparing and enjoying food. Part sanity retaining coping mechanism, part lifestyle adaption.

Let this be a spot for sharing delicious discoveries, upgrades on popular staples, and exploring the beauty of food as we do the beauty of music…

YT clips, blog/site links, cookbooks, whatevers, throw it all in the gumbo pot!

i’ll kick it off with a riff on an NYC caesar dressing I learnt off a chef friend. So good in a fish burger, smoked fish potato salad, and anything else you wanna taste like caesar salad.
Works in a BLT, or on a NY strip steak.

Makes about 3/4 of the coffee mug.
adjust ingredients to taste
Read the entire recipe before starting haha
1 Tbsp Anchovies + some of the oil
1 Shallot
1 Tbsp small green capers + some of the juice
1 Tbsp/ matchbox-sized CHUNK of ungrated Parmigiano
1 small little fingernail-sized chunk of garlic (or less)

Blend to a paste with Immersion/stick blender in a large coffee mug.

Continue Blending while: Slowly pouring in 1/2 cup (or however will fill the mug) neutral oil (rapps or sunflower is ok)
stream of oil about the diameter of a regular pencil

Should be consistency of a thick mayo.
season with salt pepper, lemon juice or whatever you want.


This guy has some amazing recipes and a cool concept of cooking what you watch (he takes recipes from movies and tv shows both good and bad and makes them) -

and this guy for amazing pies (he has a book out) - Recipes - Holborn Dining Room

and this Brummie michelin star holder has some great rave born cookbooks that are well worth a read - Shop - Carters of Moseley

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