The 60's: Psych / Garage / R&B / Freakbeat

Alright now, gonna kick off this thread based on a Psych mix I found in 2007 (it’s impossible to find digitally now so i’ll include a DL link at the end). This has become one of my most fave mixes and the selection really flows with in the mix. Proper rabbit hole this one, it led me on to so many other great albums.

(This is a JAM. The Pookah album needs a reissue)



Fill your boots: Doc Delay - REM Sleep – Google Drive

I’ve got more of these mixes if anyone is interested.

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I used to have a rock band when I was a teenager and we would play these obscure 60s psych/garage tracks, most of which we found on the seminal Nuggets compilations. This was my favorite:

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Weirdly enough this dude used to comment a lot on our band’s MySpace - he left a comment on that Remains video and his channel is full of amazing stuff.

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About 15 years ago when I was on stupid money I spent loads on Psych and Freakbeat 45’s. I managed to get all three versions of the song Hold On. The version by The Fleur de Lys With Sharon Tandy is my favourite

The Ippsisimus version is the one I knew first, compiled on the Bam Caruso compilation Nightmares in Wonderland in the mid to late 80’s

Pop-sike classic

Brilliant atonal guitar solo!


Another of my absolute favourites compiled on Bam Caruso by Phil Smee

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