Test Pressing Recordings

As some of you noted I’m launching a record label. By explanation… I’ve a long history of working at labels and felt like it was time to launch a record label properly under the Test Pressing name (as this is becoming home for all my projects more and more).

I’ve been working with Alex Kassian for some time as to me he’s a natural. As a Dj, as a musician (with the ability to write great melodies) and also as a producer in the studio. That’s pretty rare tbh.

From there it seemed natural to start a label – launching with a release from Alex – and then to release projects that feel fitting ongoing. The goal is music that lives beyond the club. A label whose music can last.

The first release is named ‘Voices’ (which comes in three versions) and ‘Lifestream’. Previews here…



Very nice :ok_hand: :ok_hand::ok_hand:



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About time! Congrats and much success!

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Nicely played sir. The best of luck with the furthering venture.

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Ace! Love the art

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Thanks guys. Really appreciate it. I’m really looking forward to seeing what comes next

Very nice! Fingers crossed you don’t run into any delays with the pressing or anything.

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Great news! Good luck with the label

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Thanks all. Pressing delays seem to have disappeared now which is good.

Nice One. Are you planning on putting them up on bandcamp?

Maybe. We’re just running with the record first. It’s part of a trilogy that all sit together.