Tell me about Rimini

OK, as a self confessed, dance music anorak, I love reading about different little scenes and sub-cultures. Paninaros on here most recently.

Over the years I’ve seen little snippets online about the scene in Rimini, but not enough to form a picture of what was going on. What was happening there and when? Who were the DJs and other faces? What were the main clubs and what was the soundtrack?

Would love to read more or hear first hand accounts from anyone here who knows more.

have you read the summer edition of the Faith Fanzine? There’s a great article on the Italian scene…


Cheers. Just ordered. So can I assume that Italo house was the sound of Rimini rather than Italo disco?


Really good article, can confirm!

In the 2nd edition of Last Night a DJ there was also a new chapter on Cosmic

Know loads about cosmic thanks. Just always thought that there was a whole Rimini scene. A bit like an Ibiza alternative. I’m possibly completely wrong here.

I thought italo disco was being played in Rimini/Riccione 83-86. It’s a holiday destination for people from Milan & Bologna area, so there’s no real local scene ? Nightclubs close to the beach play LCD, inland a bit more leftfield ?

I went to Rimini in 1991 when I was 18 whilst bumming around Europe for a month on an inter-rail ticket with 2 mates. We went into a record shop and asked where was best to go and we ended up in Cellophane one night and another called (I think) Club Barcelona or Barcelona Club. Both were great to our 18yr old eyes and ears. Almost exclusively Italian and cool kids in Stone Island and Stussy and great US and European house. Seemed to me from memory it was a seaside holiday retreat populated by groups of young Italians who all looked a lot cooler than we did :rofl:

Edit to say: I’ve got a few photos somewhere, will dig them out
Edit to the Edit: It was just called Barcelona. Just done a bit of internet digging

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Cellophane Club, Rimini 1980’s — Disco Tees


Ha! There it is. We weren’t there as part of the Flying trip, it was pure chance and asking about. I remember seeing an advert in Boy’s Own for one of the Flying Rimini trips though, think it was the 1992 Spring edition? We’d been there done that of course (or so we smugly thought) :joy:

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