Technics 1210 help

Hi all, I have a pair of technics 1210 mk2’s and I’m only getting signal through my right monitor.

1 needle is brand new (ortofon concord) and was working through both monitors for like a week or so and it randomly stopped.
I’m fairly certain it’s nothing to do RCA’s from turntables because if I switch the l & r the same issue occurs but through the right side.

There’s a low signal through the left and full signal on the right on the new cartridge
And no signal through the left and full signal on the older cartridge.

Both stylus are intact

I’ve tried different mixers

The tone arms are balanced and the anti skating is set correctly.

I’ve tried cleaning the gold connectors inside the tone arms

And still the same issue.

Does anyone have any solutions?

From memory ortofon pins are a bit on the short side. Do you have a stock Technics headshell with mounted cartridge to hand?

These are my left and right resistance figures. Measured from centre pin of phono plug to outer with a stanton 680 fitted.

Arm yourself with the cheapest of poundland meters if you haven’t got one and check the cartridge first, headshell contacts to internal pcb below arm and pcb to phono plugs.


Every time this happens to me it’s the little connectors inside the tonearm that aren’t properly aligned or clean, and then the connection to the cart is compromised. Usually jiggling and cleaning the contacts with a (clean) cigarette filter or pencil eraser does the job.

I carry cotton buds, one of those spare cartridge boxes full of headshells, carts, styli and a can of Caig wherever there are Technics. The can of Caig cleaner has lasted me decades as you only need a drop.

If I have been informed by the venue “everything works pefectly and you dont’t need to bring anything” I will bring two spare SL1200 and a mixer.


DeOxit and Buds is the way to go :+1:

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Unscrew head shell. Clean the connector points to tone arm with rubbing alcohol. Done.

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