Technics 1200 MK2 Servicing

Anyone know a good UK based technician who services 1200s? My MK2s have been sat gathering dust for a good few years now. Tone arm barrels have seized up and the decks themselves could do with some care and attention, recalibrating etc. Ideally I’d prefer any replacement parts that might be required to be original Technics / Panasonic. NW or South would be ideal.

Thanking you.

My mate Diz is very good but he’s based in Newcastle. If you can’t find anyone closer to home get in touch and I’ll put you in contact with him

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£300 the pair, end of.

I spent last Xmas going through three of mine with parts from Richard. (I am in no way affliated). Although my job is audio test and repair I wouldn’t be able to offer the service he does due to his stockpiles and actual remanufacture of the pitch sliders (via Alps). I estimate I spent around £400 on parts including fixing up a old arm assembly.

Could you tell me if the arms are free of play and free moving (apart from the height adjust)? If so you will be covered with his standard service charge, he will strip and unstick both your arms. This is great fun to do but outside of a lot of peoples patience.

There is a fully rebuilt arm assembly here waiting to rebuild a 1200 with a busted one, the busted decks tend to sell for more than working ones! I guess they are bought and bodged back into working condition or stripped for parts.

Mine are great now with the new pitch sliders and calibration.

I file these threads under ‘competence envy’. Where a thread is started and the solution is always in opposition to any advice of actual professionals. So, any old phono cable, you can tighten up the arm screws, you can remove the ground wire, you can clean up the 25 year old pitch control etc to save £20. The guys charging to do the above are actually making more money than those doing the job properly and with genuine parts.


Nick “The Deck Doctor” is good and will service on site but only works in the London area.


Richard serviced my brother’s decks and did a good job.

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He’s definitely the go to guy

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Always used Phoenix Soundworks in Earls Barton but Duncan has just retired unfortunately, 60 quid a deck and a top top bloke

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I’m going to hope mine never need servicing at those prices. Not to mention the distance. Looks like a great resource.

My dumbass partner of the time, 1983, got himself a coke bill that the dealer called in and he was daft enough to hock the pair of 1200s for a mere $100. Right before a gig! And we’d only had them a couple of weeks. I took the pawn tickets off him, told him we’d be partners again when he paid me back. Redeemed them for $125. He never came back. Too bad; I liked the guy but I was not happy! Still a good deal. At the time they were about $400 each new. They’re still running strong. Hope I haven’t jinxed it.

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