Talk Talk film - ‘In a Silent Way’

Wondering if anybody here has seen this film?

It’s being shown here in Dublin in a few weeks time. Had a look at some reviews and it seems to face some difficult hurdles (no Talk Talk music allowed, nobody directly involved with Talk Talk agreed to participate etc.) but subject matter inherently fascinating so I’m still tempted….

Great avatar dude. Love that record. And that sounds like a tough brief. Incredible band though.

without seeing even the trailer - when i see stuff like that (a film about somebody/something in which that somebody/something doesn’t authorize/appear in) i assume the film is really much more about the filmmaker than the subject. sometimes that’s good, sometimes not.

but i do love those later TT albums, so i’ll be curious to hear anyone’s report on the film.

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I’m sure I heard a piece on radio recently about a film documenting the making of Nothing Compares to U without being allowed to use the song Nothing Compares to U. I think the overall feeling was that it was a great documentary. Maybe i dreamt that. :joy:

No, Prince’s estate refused permission

Apologies for going off topic. Will look out for the TT doc though.

The Teddy Pendergrass film is like that. Feels strangely empty until the end when they do a live cover of one of the songs.

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First I’ve heard of the film. The Terms and Conditions sound quite counter intuitive but it’s got my attention as I am in love with Talk Talk. I’m replying to this without researching it whatsoever so about to do that.

This forum is really good innit.


I was listening to “I Believe In You” on my headphones in bed last night and it’s up there with the most moving of MH’s work. Beautiful


Thanks for the replies - still can’t decide whether it’s worth the effort or not! :slight_smile:

Have to admit, I was very slow to warm to Talk Talk. ‘New Grass’ was the first track that really clicked and am now pretty much obsessed. Have recently been spending lots of time with Mark Hollis’ solo album which is a thing of rare beauty.

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Cheers Paul - that’s actually the second time you’ve complimented me on my avatar :slight_smile:

I actually have no memory : )


Fabulous piece here for any Talk Talk fans.