Swiss Alps Record Shop?…

Hi I saw a record shop in the Swiss alps on instagram (maybe on the Mastersounds or Varia instruments page) some time ago. I can’t remember the name or location. Does anyone have any ideas?

Zero Zero Zurich?

Only ones I can think of outside of Zurich are UFA and Vinyl to Second in Thun.

15 years ago we were visting my partner’s cousin who was living in Zurich. They were a few stops south along the eastern edge of the lake, can’t remember what the station or suburb was called. But in the actual building/basement of the train station itself was a massive secondhand record shop.


Picture from my Sony Erikson walkman camera phone.

Completely disogranised, just shelves and stacks everywhere. The dude running it was from Scandinavia and giving proper hippy vibes. He was just about to close for the day, so I only managed a brief dig, but found some great stuff, and could see the place was loaded with disco/balearic gems. Dude was saying “come back tomorrow and spend the day”, but I was unable to due to family commitments. The one that got away!

But still got some good stuff, including this one (the A side isn’t great, but the dub is fantastic and not uploaded anywhere online):