Stream tonight with Max Essa, Dr Rob + 7pm to 11

Hi hope everyone is keeping well, we have been running a weekly stream which is part of Our Save Your Local mix campaign, each we week we preview the guest mix for the week ahead, tonight we have Max Essa and Dr Rob Rob on board plus Russell Penn, so should be fun, more focus on the music and chat on the mixcloud page.
link here Mixcloud

the campaign has been great so far with lots of really lovely mixes with contributions from the likes of Phil Mison, Moonboots, Chris Coco, Matt @Nearestfaraway, Leo Zero getting involved, if anyone would like to submit a mix please drop us a message best Neil


I’ll be locked on Neil, looks like a great lineup! Hope we can all meet up at the Dartmouth Arms one day soon :slight_smile:


here is the recording of last nights stream, was a fun evening
Friday night stream
it is something we are trying to do each week to bring a bit of light hearted fun during the lockdown, hence a few radio shouts to friends who was listening, thanks to Rob, Max and Russ for the great music contributions. The actual mix for Max we will be uploading next week for the weekly campaign.


That’s lined up for Monday morning. Thanks!

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Straight up plug alert, I’ve a show on now at 5-7 on
Loaded with new and old bits

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