Starting a label

Hi guys! How are you? I’m new here
I’m setting up my little label, nothing serious, just to start publishing some of my and friends’ records on soundcloud, and start making ourselves known more as a community and less as individual artists.
Do you have any advice?


Hello, and welcome :slight_smile:

Are you doing vinyl or digital releases? The advice would be vastly different for both. I’m going to assume you are doing digital.

Use Bandcamp to release, and SoundCloud to promote.
It’s a good idea to start as a collective; try and develop an identity and sound for your label.
Really nowadays its all about self PR:
Send out promo’s and hustle people to play your music on their radio show and gigs.
Find some tastemakers (urgh) on SoundCloud, Insta, YT & Spotify who will feature your releases
Post your music here in this thread :wink:
If you want your music on streaming and download sites you will need a DSP. That’s where it gets much more complicated but its worth it to reach a streaming audience

Any questions just shout back, and good luck!


Hey thanks! The idea is to follow the trend of independent labels present on soundcloud (Etunang, Slump, Groovence, etc.).
I’m gathering guys around Europe to go out with a VA by the summer, so that next winter I can close dates between Berlin, Turin and Iasi.
If you know anyone who might be interested let me know :slight_smile: