Spotify playlists *civilian use

help! co-worker in the bar just plays their craft beer playlist. 2hrs deep of nirvana, stone temple pilots and green day and I’m not feeling it. neither are the 7 other people here​:sweat_smile::cry:
any tasteful yacht rock, balaeric, AOR lists?

*soz I don’t use spotify so have no idea

Work playlists are a tough gig. This was my attempt at pleasing the people (and myself) and I’d say it’s only about 20% successful,


This will last for weeks of work


jah bless you all​:pray:t5::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Might be a bit much for work

Birmingham 81 (aka Andy) has done loads inc NME end of year top singles

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Great collection of playlists there.

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I moved from Spotify to Amazon music a year or two ago as I understood they paid the artists a bit more (less sure now if this is true and if I’m honest it’s not quite as good) but any Amazon playlists also appreciated!

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a while ago i had to make a playlist for amazon music, i still like it and use it as a sort of primer for the type of music i collect or play (except that I deliberately omitted a lot of hip hop, it’s sort of a long story).


Any playlist by Honey K is always good: Spotify

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My ongoing curation of Balearic and adjacent stuff: Spotify

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Just spent an hour recreating this in Amazon music


My “Cafe Ulterior” playlist is an eclectic playlist dedicated to the nice sunny days.

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a few of us used to make a ‘summer beaut’ mixtape for mates every year from 93, from when we met in Nottingham… here’s all the tunes, and a handful of recent additions


Ive made a couple of decent ones i think, even my kids found them interesting when i had them held hostage in a hotel room and wouldnt let them use the soundbox :slight_smile:

I also got inspired by those slow jams i used to secretly love as 15 year old who got misty eyed with his first proper girlfriend, that let me do things

Here’s one I created with a very wide range of Spanish music I’ve liked at different points over the years. House, rumba, flamenco, new wave, indie, prog, eurobeat all sorts. (still a work in progress!)

My son just showed me some software he has which downloads Spotify tunes as mp3.

I asked him to demonstrate. He downloaded the BTWS remix of Weekender for me. It was super easy.

For all of Spotify’s tech capability it seems they left the back door open. More pain for the artists though if they are being denied the 0.0000001p per stream or whatever.