Spot the Sample

heard this on Luke Una’s WWFM show on 5th February, the bassline has been buggin’ me ever since…

any ideas?

I love this tune! It’s bits of these two:



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Anyone know what this Nobukazu Takemura tune is sampled from? I’ve loved this since it first came out but have never come across the sample source.


Im sorry dont know that one ^^
Youll like this post, made in early lockdown for something to do, a compilation of originals and the tunes they spawned Versions Post – Jason M Falconer

Sounds Donald Byrd-y to me

He often sampled Aki Tsuyuko and rearranged her vocals - Harmonium is in my top 5 Mo Wax moments.

Thank you, I’ll do a bit of investigating. The voice sounds also sounds a bit Brazilian to me Flora Purim or Astrud Gilberto maybe…

Only just realised this:

Samples this:

Good old Trevor Jackson.

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Listening to Sign of the Times today and had a fun time going down the rabbit hole with the samples at the start of “If I was Your Girlfriend” - always wondered about these

Both the street vendor “look at the bargains here, ladies” and the Mendelssohn wedding recessional come from this

EDIT - also used in Spyder D’s “Big Apple Rappin”, Jefferson Airplane’s “Meadowlands”


From an earlier thread today. Got home and dug out the LP (which is a fantastic one for drum samples).

Big chug vibes.


Sammy Burdson recorded some absolute gold for sampling.

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