Speaker Recs

Ok. I need a new pair of speakers.

It’s a home set up. I want something that’s going to sound warm and detailed.

I’ve got 2 x 1200s, 1 Pioneer CDJ, and an Ecler 3 Channel Mixer.

I’m leaning towards active speakers, but happy to receive decent recommendations for all types.

Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Edit: Budget between £500 and £1,000.

check the Fyne Audio range. I bought a pair of their F302 last year, can’t fault them.

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Second that recommendation, I also have a pair and the sound is tip top.


Using a pair of Yamaha HS8 active monitors in my music room for a few years. People have told me they sound good. I’m happy with them. I also have a pair of Wharfdale hifi speakers in living room. They sound a bit weird (accentuated low end) compared to the monitors but fine for playing occasional CD.

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Budget ? how big is your room ? do you have an amp ?

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Makes a difference how you place them. If you can take them further away from the wall they usually sound better. My living room speakers are on wall shelves so they probably sound a bit weird because of that. I don’t have the space to move them further away though.

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I have these active focal ones that have the part thats normally on the back that requires them to sit away from the wall on the side which allows you to sit them directly near the wall. Also pretty amazing bang for buck… It’s the Shape range I think… Bear in mind this is a per speaker cost…


Without an indication of budget, then might as well go straight to the top and grab some Genelec 8361s! Seriously tho, you’d probably be very happy with some Adam Audio t7v assuming you don’t want to spend too much.

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Good point. Budget is £500-£1,000.

Mainly leaning towards active speakers. Would a pre-amp be required?

Room is about 15ft x 18ft.

These look the business!

Was looking at the ADAM’s actually.

Some great recommendations so far.

If you’re going down the active route, your mixer will act as a pre-amp.

If you do down the passive speaker route, then you’ll need a intergrated or power amp which you’ll need to factor the cost of.

Most active speakers I’ve heard tend to be studio monitors and so sound signature is normally neutral/ lean rather than being warm. But there might be some out there.

Active speakers I’d probably check
Focal Shape 65
Dynaudio xeo 10
Dali Oberon 1 C
Also check Q acoustics, they do some nice active speakers.


They look great, perfect idea with Bluetooth built in, ideal Sonos replacement when it goes belly up.

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Yeah my decision was between Adam’s and these… There used to be a place in London you could go and audition studio speakers but all those spaces seem to have long gone.

And yes active means (as Tomi says) you can run audio straight out into the speakers from the mixer…


Top of your budget and I’ve only heard them once and trust me they sounded as good as they look! I’m slowly saving up for the wireless model at twice the price!

It’s good to pick up a few recommendations from peeps you trust but the only real way is to take a bunch of your favourite tunes, head to a good shop and demo a few - sound preferences are so subjective.


It’s all about the demo!

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Sound advice (pun intended) :rofl:

Cheers. They look amazing too.

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Used ATC (small ones) may be within your budget. You won’t find a better speaker.

Nobody’s mentioned Event yet, used might be within your budget.

Small active JBLs are great value for money, as are Yamaha.

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I second these, use them for producing and DJing, they sound great. Can listen for hours without getting fatigued ears.


Yeah they’re nicely coloured for studio speakers. When I play Rhythm & Sound records on them I’m always blown away…