Spaziale Recordings

I bought a few of the Spaziale Recordings releases as they came out.
Reissues of pretty classic records with a new edit by the the label owner. On the whole they sounded pretty good and edits were different enough to be worthwhile,
I’m sure I remember reading an article and interview with Stefano Ritteri on the Vinyl Factory website which I felt gave a legitimacy to the label and there was much talk of Permissions and Official Reissues etc etc.
I notice now that all of the releases are prohibited from being sold on Discogs due to being unofficial and the Spaziale Recordings is described as a bootleg label.
I can find no reference online to the VF interview at all.
Anyone else remember this or have any further info?

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I remember reading that interview!

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That’s a relief, i thought i was going mad :joy:.
I’m not casting aspersions, there’s obviously a huge demand for unofficial edits and reissues and I’ve bought plenty without batting an eyelid.
I just recall the article being quite focussed on the legitimacy of the releases. That coupled with the fact that it’s now disappeared might suggest it was a bit misleading.
Still, I’d like a copy of the Billy Frazier release if anyone has it :joy: :crossed_fingers:

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is this the interview?

I could remember reading a long tweet thread a while back, think its this one:

after this the Discogs ban happened and the label seems to have ended.


Crikey! I wish I’d never asked! :joy::joy:
Seriously though, bloody hell! What a story.

Thanks a lot for correcting me on the interview, that is the one. It was this passage that I remembered each time I considered their releases. Feel a bit silly now.

**Acquiring the rights to reissue can be quite the challenge, how are you finding things so far?”
I think the challenge is mostly that there are lots of bootleggers out there, and sometimes we find ourselves in some sort of battle with people that want to bootleg some of our titles, or they attack us saying that we shouldn’t do this or that release. It can be a pain in the ass, but the fact that we actually have rights and paperwork for every single release makes it also fun to scare away certain dodgy figures. Also we are very happy to be working with our distributor Prime Direct, as they are very helpful with contracts and checking that everything is fine“

That’s a heck of an investigation by @frenchbloke. Hats off to him.


Wow! Amazing story.

Crazy! All that effort, I mean how much money can you really make from selling a couple thousand 12” of underground disco tracks?

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ja man heptruple bonus super sleuth points to that French bloke on twitter​:muscle:t4::muscle:t4::muscle:t4:


Interesting read.

I noticed the section “Beppe Loda was approached by Salvatori to compile a compilation album of his ‘Typhoon’ club’s classics.”

Seems it never happened, but reminded me of this other Typhoon comp, which also never came out: “Beppe Loda’s forthcoming compilation …Typhoon 2 on Light Sounds Dark - released later this year” (from old 2010 promo text on Oye Records website).

the Beppe Loda “Typhoon” compilations ( there are two Typhoon ones now ) came out on the literally un-Googleable “Use Vinyl Records”, itself an in-house label of Self Distribuzione in Milan.
Use Vinyl Italy – Juno Juno stock most of them, all the compilations are unlicensed. the tracks on these have been ‘licensed’ from the same people Spaziale got theirs from.
Typhoon is now a very dodgy label in itself ,


the owner of the company they licensed them from can be seen on his f*cebook account wearing a rather expensive Breitling Chrononaut watch
it’s £1000 ( £1200 inc VAT ) to license a sample from them.
Spaziale paid 350 euros each track to license them.
Interestingly Ritteri’s partner in Spaziale, Marco Salvatori, was the VP of the company they licensed them all from. He’s also the same guy that MPO delivered 1000 copies each of the RSD2020 Kraftwerk 1 &2 albums to. Both Ritteri & Salvatori are named as executive producers on the rear covers of their ill-fated Kraftwerk albums.


here’s way more information on Spaziale Recordings than you’ll ever need.


Incredible and vital work!

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Those Baldelli compilations are nice, I have some of the earlier versions of a couple of them. Shame it’s all dodgy. Also very pricey - I don’t mind a cheap bootleg CD compilation, but don’t see the point in paying a premium for bootleg vinyl compilations.