Soundcloud embedding

i thought it might be worth detailing how to get a more visible player when embedding soundcloud content, such that viewers can see the full title/artist etc

after clicking “share”
select the “embed” tab

select the middle icon
right-click on the square image/graphic
copy link address
paste into your post
you should see a more “user-friendly” player in your message preview



Hmm, on MacOS and Firefox i’m just getting a link to

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Doesn’t work for me either. I just get the base URL for the track.

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i’m assuming you’re using a PC/Windows machine? in the example above, i’m referring to the blue square area, that has a different URL to the other parts of the image,

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when i click on the graphic for the track on that lick you posted i get an option to “copy link address”

which creates this

i should have noted that i’m working on a PC/Windows system

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