Shout out to the specialist stores!

If you’ve ever gone record shopping in the US you know that a lot of stores try to cover as much ground as possible without ever really doing a good job of any of them really but there are glimmers of light out there.

One of them is Vinyl Dreams in SF. I had a visit yesterday and it was a joy to be in a specialist dance shop where even the rock records would make you do some vertical jogging. The wall had records like Plaid, Global Communication, Freaky Chakra and the like, the sort of records of you were a soldier during the rave wars of the 90’s your serotonin levels would instantly go up a notch on sight. Then the new releases were well-curated, all-killer, all bases covered from balearic to drum ‘n bass and back, and I love that the used items are called “pre-loved jams”. Walked out with 10 absolute blinders for about $200, which was excellent as well. Mike has really done a great job with the store and it’s been around about 10 years now so there are gems aplenty in there.

If you’re ever in town and you want to quality records then that should be your first port of call. Also Mike knows his onions so ask for recommendations, came home with two records I’ve never heard of but passed the vibe check today; Cahl Sel “Every Moment” on Reflective and Stakka Bo “Great Blondino”.

I know you guys have a specialist store in every town but it’s rare over here and a brave move. Long May VDSF sail in the choppy waters and provide a beacon of hope.


his website and mail order game is on point too. it’s always a pleasure to buy from him, no muss no fuss.

The stickers on each new release are great as well. Gives you a breakdown that is quick and to the point and look great.

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