Shall We Take A Trip

Records that instantly remind you of a club/event etc.

I have refrained from putting a special occasion as I am sure that would make a much more beautiful separate thread.

The Institute, Birmingham

C.R.E.A.M @ various shitty venues in Birmingham

Fun @ The Steering Wheel, Birmingham

Renaissance, Mansfield

The Bomb, Nottingham

Back 2 Basics, Leeds

DC10, Ibiza

Mercury Rising @ Pikes, Ibiza (not just because it is on vol. 1 of the comp, I have also heard him play it there twice to my sheer delight)

Southport Weekender

Cutloose, Manchester

As you may be able to tell England and Ibiza is the extent of my partying. Other travels have not been about night clubs.


Concrete, Paris


Shoom, Enduring memory was being in a pink cloud from the smoke machine with a strobe and this… 'mazing.


Method Air, last tune after lights up, some girl had stomped on two beer cans to make improvised tap shoes and proceeded to dance some mental moves to this…


Body & Soul, first time I’d heard this, one of the most electric moments and the best dancers I’ve witnessed. Still gives me massive goosebumps… one of my all time favourites.


Oof. That’s utopia right there


Good thread! Some I have vivid memories of! Most lost to the mists of time!

The Future, London

Outer Limits, Bletchley, Milton Keynes

DIY, Nottingham

(too many to mention, but first time I ever heard this!)

Milwaukees, Bedford

Edit Block, London


Idjut Boys at the Big Chill


Two from The Social at The Albany, one from the beginning, one from the end.


Sun coming up at Barbarellas, MCDE dropping this:

Coco Club at The Zap. Buzzing.

Tonic, Bognor Regis. The garage days.


This track will always remind me of the Happy Mondays/808 State, The Rave Is On gig at the GMEX in Manchester in the spring of 1990, the Jam MCs were DJing, warming the crowd up before 808 came on, they played this early on & it sounded absolutely huge in that massive space.
I was 14 yo & had only been to school discos where some mobile DJ played Top 40 & we got pissed on Thunderbird, tried to cop off & never, ever danced, so to see thousands of people dancing to a hardcore rap track I’d only ever heard played on the local rap shows, with an incredible atmosphere blew my tiny mind.


The Eclipse, Coventry:

The Co-Op @ The Velvet Rooms, London:

That’s How It Is @ Bar Rumba

The Bug Bar, Brixton (Sunday nights)


Two I remember from That’s How It Is…

This… the whole club jumped when it kicked in…

And Roni Size and DJ Die. Never heard anything like either though I got where they came from style wise.


We went on concrete boat party years ago in Paris with dj deep and jask I think. It was one to remember…

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Think I was at that party :slight_smile:

That Fred P record was played by the man himself at a day party on the boat in 2012. Antal, Jus Ed and Theo Parrish were on the bill that night, but Fred hands down stole the show.

I first heard that out at Sky Club in Radford 30/04/1999, not quite as exotic but it was a good night.

Had bought it couple of days before.

TBH I thought it was a fairly formulaic UR track, amazed when it took after a year or so later. I bought E Dancer - Banjo same day and much prefer that.

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It was around that time deep was still playing House we were with fish go deep from Cork and a few others from Ireland…

I do remember packets being dropped from bridges at certain points of the night…

Strangers was the first song in my first set in my first gig, it will forever remind me of a since deceased club here in SĂŁo Paulo called Trackers which was just the best place ever, even though the soundsystem was shit and everyone dancing made the needle skip like popcorn on a pan.


Set and setting, guess you had to be there… :wink: