Selling advice: CD collection

I’ve got a collection of around 300-400 CD’s all taking up space that haven’t been played in years. Lots of really good stuff, right across the spectrum and ranging from G to NM condition Basically stuff I bought for the car stereo way back. Loads of old school hip hop, world compilations, House, oddball mix CD’s, Reggae, Disco, Jazz. Does anyone know of anyone who buys CD collections? The thought of selling individually on Discogs or Ebay makes me shudder… heh!

Work in progress: fireappleredmusic / Collection

You could look into one of those music magpie type places. You won’t get a lot but they’ll take it all in one go
Alternatively my brother buys collections, don’t know if it’s his bag though as he’s mainly vinyl

We buy CD collections and if they are in good nick I would be interested in buying them as we sell loads of CD’s. Message me if interested.
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Hi David… PM for you!

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