San Diego Here I Come…

Ok not me but a friend is going to San Diego and I wondered if any of the TP tourist board had been and had any nice bars and restaurants and areas and beaches recommends. Family with teenage daughters so more on that tip…

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My sister used to live there and recommended:


La Jolla Shores (there are seals there too)
La Jolla Cove


Del Mar
Torrey Pines

Family things to do:

The zoo is fantastic

(I don’t know if they have any cafes in Del Mar, but you would have to hope so!)


I guy I work with lived and surfed contests there for a few years. I’ll ask him tomorrow

Thanks @Vlad and thanks @Nice2CU2CUNice - really appreciated. :v:t3:


Get the ferry, or drive, to Coronado. Well worth a visit.

Get a map of all of breweries around the city and a taste some of the amazing craft beer they produce. Most, if not all, have a taproom.

Visit a mezcal bar.


That’s the alcohol sorted :+1:

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Has Hugh Herrera still got his store there?

I enjoyed strolling around Little Italy and skating in Pacific Beach and stop at Oscars Mexican Seafood Tacos, San Diego national refuge. stay away from the US-Mexican border!!!

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Been there loads, mostly surf trips.

Stayed all over, but now always gravitate to PB (Pacific Beach) nice relaxed vibe as long as it’s not Spring Break. Nice mix of food. Surfside Sushi used to be good.
Taco Surf is an institution, fish tacos a must.

Tourmaline is a state surf park, often attended by my surf hero/God Skip Frye, 80 odd years old and still surfing and shaping boards. So many great surf spots, would move there tomorrow if I could.

There is Crystal Pier, nice for a stroll, a 7.2 quake hit when we were on it, pretty scary at the time.

Really chilled place you can stroll/Skate/Cycle for miles on the boardwalk.


Fashion Valley is a must for teenage girls, all the shops you could hope for.

Zoo is amazing, I mean amazing.

La Jolla is nice, there is a branch of The Comedy Store there, have some top talent. 21+ though.

Sushi Ota is one of the best sushi restaurants I’ve been to, in a strip mall inland, spendy but worth every penny if you like proper sushi not just rolls.

One of the nicest cities in Ca.


Wicked. Thanks gav. Thanks Fran I! Super appreciated.


I want to visit there now :+1:


Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course in German means a whale’s vagina.


I’m flying there right now.

Here are my picks that haven’t been mentioned yet.

Eat at:

Juniper & Ivy (or anything Richard Blais related, Crack Shack etc)
Ikiru Sushi in Liberty Station (proper hole in the wall, first come, first served vibe)
Fish Tacos in Ocean Beach, you can honestly pick any one on Newport Ave, but the super dodgy one closest to the beach is incredible.
Shank & Bone in North Park is incredible Vietnamese food.
Din Tai Fung in La Jolla is essential eating as well. Be prepared to wait though.

Go to:

Chicano Park (utterly essential)
The Prince mural on Adams
Any kayak tour in La Jolla
Liberty Station in Point Loma
Wine tasting in Temecula. It’s not far, and worth a day trip, (maybe not for teenage girls)

I’ll just underline the zoo. It’s incredible and not a zoo zoo, it’s a safari.

A Padres game, Tatis Jr isn’t playing, so there is no point in going to see the West Brom of the MLB, and having teenage girls will mean they’ll avoid a night out in the Gaslamp, a lucky miss.

Also rent a car, put Shawn Lee’s San Diego on full blast and use it as a guide.