Rotation Garden Party 2022 w/ Mark Seven / Chicken Lips & more

We are delighted to announce our 7th Annual Rotation Garden Party and its looking rather special we have a lovely new site Carney pools in the idyllic rural location of Wolseley Bridge Staffordshire There is open countryside with panoramic views towards Cannock Chase, and their fishing lakes with several local attractions to include Bishton hall and the National Trust Shugborough hall to name a few.

We are pulling out all the stops for 2022 and will be hosting the party in an amazing Grand Yurt, with its Iwan style yurt porch and 14 arched windows it resembles a nomadic version of the Agia Sofia in Istanbul. Entering a Yurt is like entering a Temple of the Earth, its simplicity and sacred proportions immediately transport you to another time and place. The stillness, the beauty, the warmth and the light all delight the body mind and spirit. The perfect place to house our Audiophile sound system and immerse yourself in the music and dance!

Tickets & info:


I’m sorely tempted, I went along in 2019 I think, well whichever year Bill Brewster played, and had an amazing time. The sound, music DJs and crowd were all fantastic. I just need to work out how to keep two primary kids and a toddler entertained so the Mrs and I can boogie :thinking:


I would love to listen to Mark Seven. My kids would dance for about 15 minutes, then they lose interest. They don’t really get the whole two hour journey of a set concept.