Rome recommendations

I’m off to Rome with my wife for a long weekend. Any tips on restaurants, bars, music, records and clothes shops gratefully received please!



Great timing. I’m booked to play a wedding there end of May which will coincide with my birthday, would love to know what’s good and off the beaten path, especially record stores, good bars/places to hear music and pasta restaurants.


Not been in years but IIRC the cool stuff was all in the Trastevere area behind the Vatican. Elsewhere prepare to get fleeced by Centurions posing for selfies


Trastevere seconded


Yeah I came here to say Trastavere too. Amazing pizza restaurants, all populated by the locals

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Further shout for Trastavere. Been a while since I’ve been in Rome but that was the best area.

Also recommend taking in a football match if that’s your thing. Great atmosphere at Stadio Olimpico and (used to be) fairly easy to buy tickets. We watched Lazio v Milan and it was better than going to the opera in terms of a deep dive into Italian culture!

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Best modern pasta place.

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much of Rome was pure cheese in many ways but I really liked it. Remember being on one of the orange buses and this bald guy in shades who looked like Lombardo trying to persuade me that he was Jesus’s brother. Then there’s all the nuns and priests on scooters and the kiosks selling fake retro ‘Totti’ tops with mismatched numbers on the front and back.

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Although argento messed him up!

Trastevere thirded. Dar Poeta over there for pizza, amazing

Bonci Pizzarium is life changing. Pretty chaotic set up and takes ages to get served but Holy Shit! It’s worth it.

There are loads of record shops and quite a few selling rare Italian music of various genres for lots of euros, but I didn’t find anywhere that was a good cheap digging spot.

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Thanks very much all. Did any of you find any good bars with DJs or live music?

if you have time, go out to the EUR neighbourhood. it’s really interesting, architecturally, there’s a very good and easy walk you can do that takes in the main buildings, and there’s this great cafe you should stop off at for lunch on your way around, Caffè Palombini.

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Good tip, thanks!

Forgot about this place for future reference.
Best Carbonara in Rome.