RIP Angel Moraes

From his Facebook page: ‘Angel passed away yesterday abruptly. He passes away surrounded with the people that loved him unconditionaly. Chris, the kids and me. I don’t know what to write. It is so painful. But I prefer you hear it from me. He lived a full life and he always told me: when I drop dead, I will have no regrets cause I lived an awesome fucking life. He is one of the few that accomplised everything he set his heart to…but we still had so many projects for the future. This doesn’t make sense. I will do a ceremony in Montreal and one in NY. Will keep you guys posted. I’m sorry this message is not good but I don’t have the words.He was the light and colors and now everything is black and white…I don’t know how we can come back from that.’

So many great throbby house tunes with his name on them, but this is one of my faves:


I just saw @brucelabruce write about this. Very sad.

Really sad. Just as his speaker business was getting going. RIP.

Awful news. An obvious one but I played this til the grooves wore out. So many killer tunes though. He was my hero around 95-96. RIP


I’ve been listening to some old mixtapes this weekend that i made when i was starting out as a bedroom deejay back in the 90s & this track & mix was on one of them, not heard these tapes for 20 years or so & forgot how good this track is.


Very sad news he played in Ireland when welcome to the factory was huge in this particular club, his face when he saw the reaction from the crowd when he played it… Like he couldn’t believe this little club in Ireland knew the track as soon as he mixed RIP


Kenny Carpenter posted this photo of him on a stack Angel had made in his loft in Barcelona. Bet that sounded heavy.


Sad so many good records, but the one that I always went back to was The Cure
Mastermix, I remember Danny Harrison of 187 lockdown, Nush, Congress and many other aliases giving me the record when he was a van driver for record corner and telling “you need this”. At Inner Rhythm Streatham we sold loads of them and many more Hot n Spicy releases. RIP Angel.


Lovely piece on Angel from DJ Mag.


What a dude. He sounds like a lovely guy.