Remove one element and greatly improve a song

i have a long list of songs that i love but would love a whole lot more if they didn’t have this one thing in them. maybe that’s why we all started doing edits? who knows. you may have a few as well - so list em’ here.

here’s a couple of examples. as a general rule, i do not like children’s choirs. keep it out of my music please. talk talk’s “happiness is easy” goes from a 7 to a 10 simply by removing the children’s choir in that song.

i have no idea why the church chose that terrible sound in the middle of “under the milky way” - it sounds like a mix between bagpipes (no song was ever improved by a bagpipe solo) and a pungi. exclude it, and the song gets a whole lot better.

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oh shit did i really just do this? i thought i was deleting a draft. i have no idea how old this draft is, but let’s go with it. if this topic sucks, i may delete it.


Fearless by Pink Floyd, remove the LFC fans singing YNWA at the end and i’d love it much more, I say this as a biased MUFC fan lol


2 immediate ones

Chilly ‘for your love’ (iirc terje later removed the annoying choruses)
Doobie Brothers ‘i cheat the hangman’ 4.20 onwards jars

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I can improve a huge number of songs by simply removing the volume


And vocals


Many of the tracks i heard during the disco edits craze chopped out the strange/awkward or excessively vocal bits. Sometimes to amazing effect but occasionaly doesn’t work eg i thought Mark E (who I generally like a lot) made a hash of Jean Carn

Quite a lot of late-80’s rapping can be removed on pop songs.

Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams by TFF, for example. In fact, it was removed on this great edit.


Have always really hated the snare sound in Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order (I’m sure someone here can tell me what drum machine it’s from) so would absolutely change that.


Apparently it’s not bagpipes, it’s a guitar fed through some kind of effects box, but it does sound like bagpipes. I love that song, and yes it would be even better without them.


yes, it’s supposed to be overblown drama, but remove the weird “guy screaming” sample from pet shop boys “losing my mind” and all of a sudden it’s almost playable

I don’t know what drum machine it was exactly but it’s generally referred to as a Shep Pettibone snare, he put a massive snare on lots of remixes in this period, I can imagine he added effects to it, a gated reverb, rather than using a raw sound. I love it.


Interesting - I’ve heard it on quite a few records that came out around ‘84 to ‘87, will have to check to see if Shep Pettibone was behind them!


The popping noise on the second half of Annette Road by Smith and Mudd generally bums me out every time I listen to it, I’d say the song greatly improved my life though

i’ve long admitted i’m not audiophile or connoisseur - but i’ve listened to this dozens, maybe hundreds of times and never heard it until you mentioned it.

and now there’s a reeeaaally good chance i’ll never NOT hear it again. i really shouldn’t have started this thread.

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Fuck. Should’ve kept my mouth shut. May you listen in blissful discordance…


man, i hate to be that guy - on this day - but i got a lot of play out of this back in the day and always thought the irish fiddle towards the end was totally extraneous. i know i could build a mix that doesn’t include that in like four minutes, but i never did and back then - just started mixing out early so i’d segue out as her last words sung.

Take the first 50 seconds and the last 45 seconds and extend them… remove everything in between and you have the perfect record…

It sounds a bit like the stock “80s” snare sound from the Roland synths (D10 D20 etc) in the 80s but it could be anything put through a gated verb. And yes it’s absolutely horrible and horribly mixed, way too loud and plasticy.

The hideous vocal bit at the end of Pink Footpath by Loui$. Sounds like Milli Vanilli or something.

Edit: He even looks like the pair of them.