Recording radio at home!

I am currently recording a fortnightly radio show from home DIY style, usually I do it from my local station (shout out to Brum Radio) but it’s not that easy for obvious reasons at the moment. I have noted a few DJ’s on here talking about radio at home etc.

I use a Xone 62, 2 turntables and 2 CDJ’s. I also use a AKG-P3 microphone. Then I’ll record out of my amp with a Tascam DR-05. It all feels a bit People Just Do Nothing at the moment but I was wondering if anyone had some tips on microphones or a good Dynamic Mic, the P3 is for backing vocals so that could be an issue. It seems that the mic levels are a lot quieter than the audio inputs. Any thoughts why ? I have noticed my microphone is just at the top end of low impedance. My mixer cannot take a condenser mic as it does not host phantom power. I’ve messed with the EQ but both levels for mic/CDJ and turntables are not matched.

Any tips ? What kit are people using ?

When you say your mixer cannot host phantom power - my mic has a separate phantom power source (basically a power bank), I then run a female XLR out of the mic into phono channel 2 of my Condesa mixer (it doesn’t have a standalone mic input). I then just turn channel 2 all the way up. I’ve gone with a fairly bottom end mic set-up atm, to see how things are, but it seems to work alright
I’ll look to upgrade this once 6Music come knocking… :rofl:

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@howler looking forward to this!


Yeah, it’s the old Allen and Heath which was made in Cornwall before AT took over the business. It’s a thing of beauty and sounds amazing but unfortunately it was designed 18 years back so is specific on using phantom power. I’m going to swap the mic I think and get a low impedence vocal mic and try that out.

When does your show start ?

EDIT: Just been informed it may not be this weekend now.

Hi Tom

If possible, rather than recording everything into the Tascam I’d recommend recording it into some software primarily so you can set up side chain compression for your vocals. This should give clarity to your voice as it ‘ducks’ the audio out of the way when you’re talking. Any of the free versions of Ableton, Logic or Garageband would be fine. You’ll still probably want to upgrade the mic too :slight_smile:

cool - looking forward to hearing it.

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Sound Joe, thanks for that. I’ll have a look through it - I am looking at audio interaces also at the moment.