Record Shops Caught On Camera

Here Bjork goes to London’s ace Fat Cat.


love this clip. this guy’s descriptions are classic. so is dillinja’s ‘cover me’ remix :skull:

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the legendary dope jams in brooklyn visible in the first part of this clip;

(they added the “vinyl” neon sign for the commercial lol)

Sorry but it always reminds me of this clip:

The clip in FU’s Weekender short film, directed by Wiz, who i got to work with on a project of his back in late in 80’s (ace fella) is a classic for me.
Shot in Quaff Records Berwick St, with Ashley Beedle in it, & with Dominic Moir the wrong side of the counter, of what they normally would be.
Also in that clip your notice as Dominic pointed only recently that Ashley’s got a ‘Catch a Goove’ jacket on…ha ha, could of plugged Quaff FFS :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

…can anyone upload that bit please? Im a bit of a Luddite.

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Here you go boss man. If you ever want to add one you just copy the url and paste it in. Job done.


Ah I used to love Fat Cat, around '94 I bought everything I could from Weatherall sets from there

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Thank you :raised_hands:

Record shop (Quaff) clip comes in at around 4.15min’s in :ok_hand:

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Dope Jams. I loved that store, so many hooky represses of desired records. A great store though. The sound system was insane !

The record shop that the cast of ‘It’s a Sin’ live above. I really want to go there.

Remember being at Dance Trax in NYC. And one of the guys behind the counter was just putting on track after track and everyone who were flicking through the vinyls were just nodding along and saying “I’ll have that” "Wtf is that ect… Great afternoon sitting on the couch just enjoying the connection with everybody there… Good times :confused:

Woosh records, Cardiff owned by my old mate Craig Bartlett

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