Record Shop Recommendations London

Heading up to London for the day with my bro in law to see Herbie at the Barbican. He’s a bit of a jazz freak, but I’m slowly getting him into house, techno, brazilian, soul, jazz funk etc.

Are there any must try, fairly central record shops I could take him to for a browse beforehand? Two or three should do the trick. Was thinking SOTU, Phonica etc. any off the beaten track that are worth a look?

Thanks in advance.

Reckless is around the corner from both of those and worth a dig. Sister ray is ok too.

If you’re in shoreditch then world of echo & stranger than paradise are both ok. A few doors from world of echo is idle moments, they focus on japanese records.

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World of Echo always have an uber interesting second hand section.

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Go see Zaf at love vinyl

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Rough Trade East is always worth a look

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Love Vinyl is great!

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Eldica is worth a look, not a million miles from Barbican.

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Thanks everyone for the solid recommendations.

Set aside an hour or three for Eldica. Always come out with something interesting, but it is definitely one for the diggers. The filing and organisation can be a little chaotic.


Any other shops out west worth checking out besides rough trade and honest jon’s?

Music and Video exchange in Notting Hill is always worth a visit. They used to have multiple shops near each other but now it’s just one.

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Hey, thanks for all these recommendations, I’ll be in London from Portland USA next Thursday - Friday. Are there any CD collectors up in this forum? Any good shops to check that have good electronic CD sections, especially used, 90’s era, Warp, DJ mixes etc… If anyone wants to grab a pint or wants a hunting buddy too, hmu. Thanks!

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Used CD’s- Flashback (branches in Bethnal Green, Islington and Crouch End) have 1000’s of them across all genres that are very well priced.

New CD’s - Would recommend Fopp in Covent Garden or Sister Ray and Phonica in Soho.

Some electronic & worth a visit is Sounds of the Universe en route from Fopp to Phonica
I find Fopp not that great + not cheap anymore
Not sure if Rough Trade East still do CDs as Nottingham stopped

For DJ mixes have you seen this

Stream The Classic Mix CD Series music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud @shelved_dreams

Nab all them Innovative Communication comps if you find any… :wink:
Actually it’s not a bad shout to look on discogs for any london sellers that allow pickup