Record Shop Practices

I was searching for a record ( came out 2019 , not easy to now find) and stumbled across a physical shop in my town that (claimed to) has it
When I msg’d them they said they would try to get it in

How common is it for stores to list things they don’t actually stock on their web sites

Are they able to tell if distribs have in stock

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This seems to be common practice but I dare not do this at my shop as the problems it can cause give me a headache just thinking about it. I think loads of stores offer anything they get offered or they’re offered on preorder and half forget to prune the listings when the ordering window passes. Yes, in many cases you can just look up the title on the distro website to find out if it’s still available or not. Still, having to tell customers over and over again that the title they’ve ordered is out of stock gives an ulcer as a shop owner, hard pass.