Record Bag Suggestions

Should I spend the $$$ and get a UDG w/ the wheels and handle?

Keep using all the various totes I have and ruin my neck?

Are Magma bags really that bad?

unless the wheels and handles have improved significantly (and are user replaceable, not riveted in) i don’t know that i’d invest in the wheelie models of the UDG.

granted mine are probably 15 years old or more, but way back when, the extendable handle on my rolling bag gave up quickly - first wouldn’t extend/retract, then just broke completely. after maybe a year of use.

however, i have a lot of the non-wheelie UDG bags and as far as the bag parts go, they’re pretty comfortable to carry and are super sturdy.

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My Magma with the wheels is vastly superior to my UDG. The Magma looks like I bought it yesterday, the UDG wheels disintegrated and I had to get a new set. They’re roughly the same age and had roughly the same use. I would go Magma any day.

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I’ve had my UDG 10 years. Its had moderate to heavy use and still holding up well. I do try and always use the shoulder strap though if I’m on rough ground for fear of damage to the handle / wheels


MyUDG is going well. The benefit is the wheels are standard rollerblade size so really easy to replace. The Magma not so much.

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