'Readers Wavs'

A space to share audio files, only if you have the right to do so.

You might be a label/producer/artist that wants to get some music ‘Out There’ x

Here is a link for a track we released on eclectics by Statues called ‘Regalo’ enjoy x


I uploaded some tracks/demos I made, they’re all free to download if you like any


decent i’ll check these out

A lovely track Grant, thanks for sharing!

Welcome Matty Man no problem at all

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Amazing track thank you so much

There’s some lovely stuff in there fella, many thanks for the share :grin:

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I appreciate your feedbacks, trying to get better at the this game :upside_down_face:

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lovely, thanks for sharing grant

Here’s a Dropbox link to some shonky edits. I’ll have to pull this down at some point. There’s a recreation of a Soul II Soul / Smiths one of old, cut up of um another one, an edit of the style council and a couple more.


Beautiful man, thanks!!

Thanks, Paul i’ll grab these when I get home…

Cheers Paul, much appreciated

Charlie Bones will be after you, OP!

Today I made an edit of this
Dalvanius & The Fascinations / Golden Harvest – Voodoo Lady / I Need Your Love (2020, Vinyl) - Discogs
you can download it here: Vodoo Lady (Franni Edit) by franni | Free Listening on SoundCloud
I would like feedbacks, dont be shy, and if you want me to do some edits on soemnthing let me know, I love it


Shucks. Missed it. Can anyone oblige with a wetransfer linky or summat?

Oh sorry. Had to delete earlier as my hard drive went a bit nuts. I found a few more so will reupload some day soon. :v:t3:

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My friend Black Pomade gets busy with the synths

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Something I did on an Italo dream House tip. Am really interested in that sort of late 80’s early 90’s sound, is there many others who have an interest in making this kind of stuff? I would love to hear from you.


thank you @fatjohnny I appreciate the support!

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