Random gigs and set lists

Weird weekend. Most weekends are weird and I collect black plastic discs so that’s pretty strange also.

Open decks “its normally really busy with loads of people bringing records” 12 to 6pm

Astonishingly what few patrons people there were drinking outside stayed for hours. Funny that?
Met with resentment with the offer a capacity guaranteed ticketed event along the Soul and Disco music flavour.

This bar is on it’s arse financially and in a bad location. I got shown how to operate a Technics SL1200 after chatting prior and stating that I have been in the events business at the highest end and continue to be in the music business at a technical level. I did discretely fix them and fit some brand new cartridges bring down all the mids which were cranked up etc.

This was strange…this was four plus hours. I nearly ran out of records. I had a quick pick before they didn’t answer the phone regarding this so I went in blind. This is a General Public selection who don’t have any interest in obscure music. War-Galaxy would normally be the tipping point of the dance floor, if this was the evening with a dozen or more patrons, it would go off then.

Anyone else had similar, I should have played for an hour and gone home, not gone, not started?

I do come from mentorship of pro as in’ DJ to pay the bills’ from broadcast and clubs. Been doing this 30 years, not a rookie, I can do the unknown synth pop, house, techno whatever, this is a provincial market town who like Rock and Motown.

Matt Bianco-Half A Minute
Blondie-Rip Her To Shreds
Franz Ferdinand-Do You Want To
Colourbox-The Moon Is Blue
The Rolling Stones-Sympathy For The Devil
The Stranglers-Always The Sun
Kate Bush-The Sensual World
Daryl Hall-I Can’t Go For That
Kissing The Pink-The Last Film
The Stranglers-Midnight Summer Dream
Bryan Ferry-Don’t Stop The Dance
Colour Box-Breakdown
Sheila Hilton-Breakfast In Bed
Edie Brickell-What I Am
The Clash-The Magnificent Dance
Echo & The Bunnymen-The Killing Moon
Ruddy Thomas & Susan Cadogan-(You know how to make me) Feel so Good
Massive Attack-Protection (Eno mix)
Junior Murvin-Police & Thieves
Sugar Minott-Good Good Thing
The Eatons-Land of Hunger
Boz Scaggs-Lowdown
Eric B & Rakim-Paid In Full (coldcut mix)
Doobie Brothers-Listen To The Music
Seventh Heaven-Padlock
Rufus & Chaka Khan-Ain’t Nobody (Frankie Mix)
Don Ray-Got To Have Your Loving
The Chimes-Stronger Together
Stephanie Mills-What Cha Gonna to Do With My Loving (one of best pressing ever category)
Justine Lewin-Juicy Fruit
Tramaine-Fall Down
Phylis Hyman-You Know How To Love Me
Greg Henderson-Dreamin’
Moloko-The Time Is Now
Ashford & Simpson-Don’t Cost You Nothing
X ray Specs_Germ Free Adolescents
Sniffing The Tears-Driving Seat

Adding an edit: Left in box but may score obvious Balearic Full House.
Herb Albert-Rotation
Echo & The Bunnymen-Bring On The Dancing Horses


Dire Straits-Telegraph Road
Mamas and Papas-California Dreaming
Steely Dan-Do It Again
The Kinks-Waterloo Sunset
Earth Wind and Fire-Power
Earth Wind and Fire-Evil
Gill Scott Heron-Storm Music
Big Audio Dynamite-E=MC2
Fiction Factory-Feels Like Heaven
Portishead-Glory Box
Raw Silk-Just In Time

Technical guy (who has a an adhd or something condition apparently) got out his: Back to Black, Artic Monkeys, Best of Foo fighters and started to play them at half the volume I had and every level apart from the same as the last record

. His records were Insanely bad sounding pressings as well, maybe best not to compare with the properly cut and pressed stuff.

Everybody who was outside listening went home, as did I…no people with records came.

Shame as that really is Prince into Nirvana, this box could be one hell of party. Does anybody want to play records in a pub? I can produce a night, some lifting work, being there before doors required etc

Good luck to all the small room promoters