Radio stations - what's good?

me, i like terrestrial radio stations.

thanks to websites like radio garden ( i get to enjoy tuning in and seeing what the local life and flavor is like.

my local is KEXP which is pretty popular. post radio stations you like here!

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I could rank all my favorite local stations but FM radio is horrible now, the commercials!!

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I guess the whole concept of radio and how we consume and digest it has changed a lot in the last decade, I don’t think there there is a single radio entity that I listen to regardless of what show is on, I find there’s just so much good content spread over the internet I’m barely making a dent in my ‘listen later’ pile across all platforms and inbox :frowning:

on the upside is great fun when in situations with non-music-y people, inlaws, new work collegues, and makes for good conversation- especially with kids (we talk about different cultures, what instruments they used, what emotions does the song convey? etc)

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I listen to radio like a maniac. For me the obvious ones are: (The Local) [Cologne] (The International) and (Home Soil) [Auckland]


Outside of the more obvious, I really enjoy Resonance FM in the car.

Makes NTS sound like the Radio 1 daytime playlist - I heard a Yodelling show once.

There’s a super-enjoyable Bob Dylan show that’s fascinating despite me not really liking Dylan. Just love the passion and knowledge of the presenters.


1BTN down here in sunny Brighton has a solid roster, including Danny Skyrager as a recent addition. has a lot more than just the admittedly wonderful BiS

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looks like the FCC is auctioning off a few stations in the US. maybe i’ll move to a weird rural location and run a weird rural radio station. FCC To Auction Off 140 Radio Stations - Radio Ink

here’s the list if anyone wants to get in on this with me - we could start a weird radio network!

Ici Musique (the CBC’s francophone music station) has two great daytime DJs: Catherine Pogonat in the mornings, and then Philippe Fehmiu from noon til 3pm (eastern time, so should work nicely for UK/EU forum peeps for afternoon/evening listening).

Both of them play a really good mix of Francophone pop, stuff that I’d certainly never otherwise hear, plus a good dollop of dance/hip-hop stuff as well as what I guess could constitute Balearique :wink: They also play the odd Anglophone thing, and of course there’s some stuff that’s in both official languages and sometimes changes mid-sentence (which does actually happen, if you happen to be in Montreal. Never come across it elsewhere, mind you).

Warning: if you’re not used to Quebecois accents, you might wonder if they’re actually speaking French. I didn’t get any further than scraping a pass at O level, can usually survive on holiday, but feck me it’s taken a few years to get my head and ear around it (mainly thanks to the wonderful site). Tabarnak!

Biased but 103.7 FM in Guildford and surrounding areas,
Stream 101
Rising Edge Radio
So many good ones out there, not enough time to do them all justice!

this website is a hoot!