Radio Garden

For the last couple of months i’ve been really digging, a google globe you can spin inside your phone and tune into any station in the world. Any other fans out there want to compile some top stations? I’ll lead with Dr. Dick’s Dub Shack out of Hamilton, Bermuda, which is a bottomless iration vibration station and i gotta hope is broadcast out of a literal shack by a dubiously credentialed and prodigiously dreadlocked medical rastaman


I love this app. Boggy showed it to me on your in Croatia and my mind was blown.

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Must check this out. Thx

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This is what the internet was invented for, bloody amazing, thanks for the heads up… @brendr And I never knew Bermuda was in the middle of nowhere!

This is amazing.


If you never have, you damn sure should. Mr. Laboe has never come less than 200% correct in his long life.

KDAY 93.5 city of Lost Angeles


Radio garden has been invaluable this past year. Bless the geniuses who made it.

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I want to see something like this but for record labels worldwide and with Bandcamp links.