Please Help: 2023 Deep House Favs - Apologies, Life Got In The Way

Hi all,

As the title suggests, had a variety of things over the past year with myself and kids that required my attention. I just didn’t have a chance to follow the music scene and buy/collect some records.

Just wondering what tracks moved you in 2023, along the deep house spectrum. Sounds along the lines of Coral D, K-Lone, Apiento, deep Coyote stuff, Regelbau (C.K, Central) as an example of what I’m into in recent years.

Thank you very much.

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The main Test Pressing site has an end of year wrap up feature with musicians naming their favourites. I think you’ll find some good ones there. There are no links, I don’t think, so have to do a bit of searching but worth it.


As well as TP site, there’s quite a few good 2023 pieces up on BanBanTonTon.

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