Plastic Sleeves - which way up to file

Greetings, after a horrible flooding incident, I’ve decided to take the plunge as it were and start to put records in plastic sleeves. May be odd question but trying to work out best direction to put spine & therefore opening - feels like I’m not protecting the vinyl enough with opening / opening combination, but everything else feels odd

i plastic sleeve everything, and do the opening/opening. but my primary concern is avoiding ringwear and i also like the uniformity and accessibility of that method.

if i had flooding concerns, i’d probably do the “top lock” (plastic sleeve opens at the top, record opening at the 3 o’clock side).


cheers, they are at less risk now - now to work out whether I go for filing at the same time :slight_smile:

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Harder to put a record back on the shelf in a plastic sleeve. It doesn’t slide in between records as easily. That annoys me. But it does protect from ring wear, especially if you carry records in a bag.

The most common flood risk for me was leaving records on the floor. Might sound obvious but it’s quite common to leave stacks on the floor while sorting through a bag. Some soaked up beer that way, when I had a guest over.

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